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Fun Game Ideas for a Christmas Party

August 16, 2019
christmas games

To get to know

When you are with a group of people who are heteroclite, or who know each other little, it is often necessary to help the guests feel comfortable. The simple round table where everyone declines just his name does not always help to create the atmosphere of rejoicing that you had imagined… The best way to create a little ambiance is to propose some fun activities. :


  • Put small papers in a hat. Each drawing (or letter, or Digit) must be repeated twice.
  • Have the guests draw out the papers.
  • Couples need to get together.
  • Then give everyone 5 minutes (stopwatch). People need to ask themselves as many questions as possible about their tastes, lives, personalities, etc.
  • At the end of the time, each person introduces their new friend to the group.

On a desert island

Each person must say their name (of course!), then 3 things he or she would bring if he or she were alone on a desert island : an object, a person, a book.


Of course, there are many family reunions at this time of year. It’s time to create memories for the future :

The game of mimes

We need to divide the group into teams of three. The game consists in making team members guess a situation, an animal, a place, an event or a character. To help the players, you can prepare small papers with ideas that people will take turns getting. Of course, you should stick to the theme of the evening : the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Star Fairy, the stuffed turkey, the Midnight Mass, the Christmas tree, the crib, etc.

Song Contest

Divide the guests into groups of 3-4 people. Each team chooses a Christmas song (or any other popular song they all know) and has to change some of the lyrics to make it their own. Then they have to present their song in front of the others. And why not add a choreography to the challenge?

The Snowman

Once again, the guests will be divided into several teams of 3 people. On the outside, each team has 2 rolls of toilet paper, a large carrot and various accessories : sticks, mittens, scarf, etc. then start the countdown: each team has 5 minutes (more or less, at the choice of the one who takes care of the chronometer) to create the most beautiful snowman. The winning team can win a prize, like a box of chocolates to share during the evening.

Film Quiz… or food

There are so many Christmas movies… For this game, you will have to prepare about twenty questions (with or without a choice of answers) on a sheet and photocopy it according to the number of teams. Each team is responsible for answering all questions on paper. Then we correct the answers. If you like quizzes and you are all fans of the pleasures of the table, Docte rat Bouffe will surely know how to amuse you.

Games for children

The younger ones are often hyper-excited waiting for Santa… To channel their energy a little, there is nothing better than to organize some fun games.

The Christmas stocking

Fill a large stocking with several objects : wooden spoon, orange, sunglasses, book, etc. children should slide their hand down and guess, without looking, which objects are there.

The gift wrapped

This is a classic, but still fun. In turn (for example, every two minutes), young people have to put on big mittens and try to open a huge gift. All they have for this is a spoon and a butter knife, which they must hold in their gloved hands.

You have to wrap the gift in several boxes, papers, strings and ribbons. The person who succeeds in reaching the gift is the big winner.

Race in the snow

When the noise becomes unbearable in the house, why not plan an activity outside? All you have to do is tie the children in pairs (by the foot) and make them do a team race. The activity is already fun in the middle of summer, so imagine them in the snow with their big winter boots! Their effort could be rewarded with a cup of hot chocolate.

Games for gift exchanges

Christmas and New Year don’t exist without gifts… Here are some tips to add a little spice to your gift exchange :

  • The price of the gift is set in advance so that everyone is comfortable : $ 15 to $ 20 is usually correct.
  • To have fun, we propose to exchange ugly or quaint or used gifts. However, be careful not to bring a gift that one of the guests would have given you “seriously” in the past. It’s happened to me before… Discomfort…
  • The name of the gift must begin with a particular letter (or vowel, for example).
  • You can choose a theme : the gift must be round, eat, make noise, etc

For the exchange as such, there are many ways to proceed. Gifts can be played at dice, cards, swapping them once or more, stealing them, unpacking them before or after the trade. The important thing is to have fun… and let each person leave with a little something!

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